What About Now

We’re not just fixtures on this earth for time here is determined,
some by ourselves, some by God, and the rest – maybe by others.

What’s not however known by any is what we can discover.
For NOW to us is here to sculpt whatever we can be.

There is no such thing as “living in the past” for the past
is always gone. And the future we may never see, for it
will never come.

The Only time we have is NOW to make out what we’ll be.

So today start living in the NOW, and focus on REAL living.

…I’m grateful for the time called NOW to live here in the present
It’s up to me, I now clearly see, to determine what I’ll be.


About Gary Thompson ... "Your Utah Realtor!"

Growing up in Utah was all I ever knew, that is until I got to live in many great places, like Nottingham England; New York City; Maui, Hawaii; Denver, Colorado and Albuquerque, New Mexico! And when it came time to finally settle down, I chose Utah again! What a great place to experience the outdoors, be involved in the community and raise a family. I have gotten to know the best neighborhoods, things to do and places to see - all while working on my craft as a professional Realtor® - so if you are looking for a great place and a great experience, I love to put my skills to work for you! Thanks for keeping me in mind! - I'll work hard to be your Utah Realtor!

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