Now and Forever

What is forever? I’ve heard it spoken and oft’ proclaimed
that some things are Forever.

But if Forever never comes, what then really is Forever?

Is it Now?, and does Now just continue on? Or is it something yet unraveled?

And if all Time unfurls to Always, will Forever then be Now?

I think to say a thing or two about this earthly station, It must be that
progressive state where New turns into Old, and sets about to lead up to
the Now that’s called Forever.

Until I get there, I’m still uncertain of how it all will play, but
passing through this temporal zone can only lead to Forever.

So in my mind and present self, all Time I see is Now. And when it’s done
and I still exist, that then will be Forever.

Posted by Garbones at 6:45 AM 0 comments
Thursday, August 13, 2009

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