Cottonwood Heights, Mountview Elementary and the New Park

While growing up in Cottonwood Heights in the 70’s, life was great, one of the things I remember well was the path I walked on my way to Mountview Elementary School. I still remember my favorite teacher, Mrs. Bremms, the long field on the north by Tebb’s horse corral, where the new kid (Mitch) from England got everyone playing soccer, and then there was the  incredible playground, monkey bars,  tether ball poles, and a place  to play marbles. When May Day arrived, just before we got out for Summer break, the whole place turned into a wonderful party.

Then in the Summer, there were those long baseball practices, I can remember walking around the outfield, a little board, while the coach, hit balls to the infielders for practice, later I discovered the infield and vowed never again to play right field.

After a few years we moved south to Sandy, there I finished Jr. high and high school. All noteworthy achievements, and after that left the area for some church related service, college, marriage and a career. Fast forward to now and I find myself back here looking over the past, but also seeing the future, driving through those same streets, looking up old friends and finding how things have changed, one thing remains, the appeal and feeling is just the same. What a great place to grow up and yes to come back to.

One of the most startling changes is taking place right now to what used to be my old grade school, Mountview Elementary,  it is being transformed into a beautiful new park!

As I drive by and see what changes are taking place, I am anxious for it to be finished. Mountview Elementary is now Mountview Park and it looks like it will be a great place to spend time with my children, and maybe even some grandchildren if I’m lucky! I will keep watching as it continues to progress.

I have attached a link here in case you want to check the progress and make some plans of your own.

One thing I never said to that place that has come to mean so much is Thanks! Thanks for the memories, and the sense of community and everything that came together to make Cottonwood Heights a great place to grow up. May it remain so forever!

Hope to see you around, Much success!

Gary S Thompson, Re/Max Realtor

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