Brigham City, Utah – Peach Days, it’s a Tradition

To generations of Northern Utah, and Box Elder County residents, the celebration of harvest time has always been capped with the long standing tradition of “Peach Days.”

In fact the arrival of it calls people back home, many that have since left this small town area for work, school or other callings. And returning again they come, for the Parades (two of them in fact) one on Frday afternoon known as the “Children’s Parade” and then on Saturday morning a large parade with miles of floats from all over the state show up to move in persession down Main Street. (It is one of the state’s oldest continual running parades). There is also a 5K race, rides, booths, food, and performers, even a hypnotist, yes everything is almost “Big City” but with a small town charm and attitude.

One year there was even a “Fly-over” from a nearby airforce base, as F-16’s flew low in formation over the crowd all the way up the parade route and then pulled up and soared away at the end – I think that was one of the most stunning things I can recall.

With all the politics and rhetoric being thrown about these days, the government hanging by a thread, and people’s attitudes about the economy as bad as I can ever remember, it’s a nice retreat from the everyday banter to let it all go and just enjoy the celebration of another Fall season, the close of the Summer and have gratitude for the prospects of a good harvest.

If I let my mind linger on the season long enough, I can also think of football games, playing golf in the crisp air, even some fly fishing in a nearby stream, all of these things call to me, like from a previous life when I was younger and those things were a priority and a passion.

Most times now, we are in a hurry to survive we look beyond those things that remind us of who we are and where we came from – the traditions that keep a sense of community in tact and these are the very things that cause us to hope and to look for joy.

As I look forward to the events of this weekend’s “Peach Days” activities I’m going to try harder to forget about all the folley being played out on the national screen and just look for the good in local folkes and local events and find a cause for celebration, another bontiful harvest season! If you are looking for a place to call home, and feel at home maybe “Peach Days” or something like it will fit the bill.

Here’s hoping you find your place and can feel at home there! Make it a great one, remember your traditions have gratitude and look forward with hope!

Information About Peach Days: Peach Days is traditionally held the weekend after Labor Day. More information about Peach Days and Brigham City can be found at the following web sites:

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