The Mind Game

With all the negative talk going on out there it sometimes is very difficult to keep your mind and attitude focused on positive things. I’ve found a few ways to do that and thought I would share those here.

First, I make it a point to find good books, I look for good reviews by peers and by speakers as well as often go looking online to see what books are available that can reinforce or even motivate and inspire me to keep mentally alert and positive. An example of a good book I just found and devoured was “Leadership and Self Deception” by Arbinger Institute. A great read with plenty to help keep me focused on making my inner-self better able to fend off some of that bad stuff that’s out there floating around.

Second, I use positive affirmations to reinforce my goals. I know there has been a lot of making fun of this process even back to the “Saturday Night Live” bunch but in reality when I write them out everyday, I find it does help me focus more on my purpose as I go through the day.

Third, I take time at the beginning and at the end or each day to enjoy some quiet meditation time. I first tried this when it was suggested in the book “Seven Spiritual laws of Success” by Deepak Chopra. First it was hard to get through the uncomfortable silence, but I soon came to enjoy it and I now look forward to this time.

And finally fourth, a great retreat for the mind is a regular exercise routine. Ya I know there is a lot to be said about that, and I’m certainly not the definitive word, but when my body is feeling the affects of a vigorous workout, my mind is clear and free from other entanglements.

By keeping alert and mentally active, by making time for both quiet and exercise,  I can deal more effectively with all the clutter out there. Give it a try! All you have to loose may only be stress.


About Gary Thompson ... "Your Utah Realtor!"

Growing up in Utah was all I ever knew, that is until I got to live in many great places, like Nottingham England; New York City; Maui, Hawaii; Denver, Colorado and Albuquerque, New Mexico! And when it came time to finally settle down, I chose Utah again! What a great place to experience the outdoors, be involved in the community and raise a family. I have gotten to know the best neighborhoods, things to do and places to see - all while working on my craft as a professional Realtor® - so if you are looking for a great place and a great experience, I love to put my skills to work for you! Thanks for keeping me in mind! - I'll work hard to be your Utah Realtor!

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